MOZA Racing R9 wheel base.

MOZA Racing R9 wheel base.

2,550.00 ₪Price

Applicable Platform ; PC

Driving Type  : Direct Drive

Maximum Steering Angle: Unlimited

Housing Material: Aluminum Alloys

Housing Color: Black/White

Maximum Torque: 9 N·m

Maximum Power: 180W

Input Voltage :

110V~220V AC —> 36V DC

USB Refresh Rate : 1000Hz

Wheel Base Indicator Light : Applicable

Smartphone APP : Applicable

Quick Release : Customized Quick Release

Connection Port : Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen

Accessories: User Guide, Warranty Card, Power Supply, USB Cable, Took Kit

Mounting :4 holes on the bottom; exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp .

Table Clamp : Optional 

Side Mounting : Optional

Emergency Stop Switch : Optional

Firmware Upgrade : Applicable

Size (L x W x H) :(mm)240x157x124

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